Current Projects

Red Bluff

Our SANA goal is to organized a clean up of litter found all over this site. We also would like to see it preserve as a City of Austin scenic site. We have had a couple of site visits with stakeholders such as the ATX Environmental Justice  and with the Sierra Club to Red Bluff that started at Govalle Neighborhood Park.

La Loma Trail Project

It’s a Springdale-Airport Neighborhood Association project we started working on in the summer of 2014. Richard Devarga one of two developers of ThinkEast ,and filmmaker Deborah Esquenazl, Carra Martinez of Fusebox Festival helped produce this film.The La Loma Documentary is a project about a trails that run though Tanniehill Branch Creek over the RR Tracks  & though the East Boggy Creek Greenbelt.  The first Screening was at the FUSEBOX FESTIVAL@ ThinkEast  April 8, 2015, and you can watch it here.

Wanted: Recreation Center at Govalle Park

Pete has started a petition to have the City of Austin build a Recreation Center at Govalle Park. To find out more about this project please join and ‘Like’ the Facebook page here.

Please sign the petition to help us reach the City of Austin officials. Go to Wanted: Recreational Center @ Govalle Park to sign.

Community Power Forums

On February 28, 2015, SANA was part of a Community Power Forum that was co-hosted by ATX Environmental Justice and PODER. It was held at Santa Julia Catholic Church at 3010 Lyons. We have also hosted a second forum in the Dove Springs.

The basic goals for these forums are to teach to our community members how to contest their Austin Energy bills if they felt they were being over charged.

To find out more about our goals please read the Sierra Club’s recap here.

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