March Meeting: Tuesday, March 29 at 6:30pm

Happy Spring! We are one week out of our upcoming meeting and we wanted to post our agenda. Apologies for the short notice. The VP aka blogger has been off trying to fight off SXSW madness. Below is our agenda for Tuesday, March 29th.


  1. Welcome – Maria Alonso
  2. Treasurer Report – Michael Floyd
  3. Bo McCarver Presentation
  4. Red Bluff/ La Loma Hike & Update – Pete Rivera
  5. Committee Updates
    •  Affordable Housing
    • Neighborhood Litter Watch – AKA Trash Talk
      • Next Clean Up: Saturday, April 16th – Area around Santa Anna/Springdale
    • Traffic Committee – Roundabout on Ledesma!

As usual I have attached a flyer in English and Spanish for your canvassing and sharing pleasure. If you see anything that you would like to add please shoot us and email and we will add it to future agendas.

See you all next Tuesday!


SANA Meeting: Tuesday, February 23rd

We are a little behind on sending out the agenda over here but better late than never, right? Below you can see our agenda. I have also attached a PDF/flyer of the Agenda  in English and Spanish should you want to canvas your neighborhood.


1. Welcome – Pete Rivera
2. Treasurer Report – Michael Floyd

3. La Loma Documentary – 11 minutes

4. Capmetro Summary – Sam Sargent
5. Congressman Lloyd Doggett’s Staff will present services information on: VA, SSA, Medicare, Medicaid issues

6. Committee Updates
– Affordable Housing
– Neighborhood Litter Watch – AKA Trash Talk

There will also be representative from District 3’s office so that we can further our conversation on creating a safe crossing for Eastside Memorial High School students.

Also, you can now find the Meeting Report and the Survey for the Govalle Pool Improvements at the project website. If you couldn’t make it here is your chance to get your thoughts considered!

Finally, early voting has started! You can vote ANYWHERE until Friday, February 26th. Then voting opens back up on Tuesday, March 1st. You can see your personalized ballot HERE. If you want to find out more about the candidates the League of Women Voters creates a very thorough guide which has most of the candidates platforms.


Hope to see all of you on Tuesday, February 23rd!

Govalle Park Improvements / Jan 28

The City of Austin’s – Park and Recreation Department will be hosting a Public Meeting on January 28th on the Govalle Pool Improvements Project at the Parque Zaragoza Recreation Center.

The public meeting will include a presentation from the pool design consultant, Asakura Robinson, on the key elements of a neighborhood pool, design constraints, and layout options.  The community will have the opportunity to provide feedback and determine priorities for programming options at the pool.

The findings of the completed 2014 Aquatic Assessment identified Govalle Pool as a Critical Pool. The term, ‘critical pool’, refers to an aquatic facility that has the potential to functionally fail within the next five swim seasons. The classification was determined per the condition of the 60 year old facility.  In September of 2014, City of Austin City Council awarded a onetime allocation to the Parks and Recreation Department’s Aquatic Division for refurbishment of Govalle Pool in the amount of $3,100,000.00.

Please join us to give input and get updates on our the new pool! This is an exciting project that has been years in the making.

If you can’t make it, please feel free to contact us with your ideas and we will forward them along to the City.

Hope to see you there!

December 15th Meeting Update

We had a  very informative meeting with a great turn out! It is great to see our area getting a working Neighborhood Association. Your participation, wether in person or virtual, is incredibly important and we really couldn’t do it without you.

You can read about everything that happened with the attached meeting minutes.

A quick synopsis is that we had a representative from the City of Austin, Rey Hernandez, present on the Govalle Pool Improvements and it’s general timeline. You can see the full presentation HERE.

We also had a representative from the Cesar Chavez Foundation, Alfredo Izmajtovich, come speak to us about their partnership with ThinkEast.  This partnership could really help a lot of the people being displaced in our area. There was also a brief discussion on the proposal by the City for Homestead Preservations Districts. The Housing Committee is keeping and eye on this issue. We as a Neighborhood Association will be integral in making sure that we guide the city to make this a positive change for our area. An overview of what the program might entail is attached HERE.

Finally, we had a representative from the Capital Metro tell us about the changes they will be making to help students from Eastside Memorial High School get to school safer.

As always, please feel free to contact us should you have any questions.

Happy Holidays and see you in the New Year!


Austin Business Journal Article – Map: Where Austinites have lived the longest

Looks like some folks in our neighborhood have some serious bragging rights for how long they have lived in Austin…and in their neighborhood!

 “The small East Austin neighborhood that surrounds Ortega Elementary School might be the most authentically Austin neighborhood in the area. That’s because, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the residents of that neighborhood have collectively lived in their homes longer than anywhere else in the metro area

You can read the full article HERE. So fun to get a shout out of our little piece of Austin we call home!

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 12.27.56 PM

Austin Business Journal Map

December 15th Meeting Agenda

We have our final agenda for next our next meeting on Tuesday, December 15th. There will be some exciting updates from the City and ThinkEast. Read below:



  1. Introduction – Pete Rivera

  2. Treasurer Report – Michael Floyd

  3. Govalle Pool Update – Reynaldo Hernandez – Parks and Recreation Department

  4. ThinkEast Update – Afredo Izmajtovich – Cesar Chavez Foundation
  5. Committee Updates

– Affordable Housing

            – Neighborhood Litter Watch – AKA Trash Talk

            – Speeding and Traffic Issues

           – Green Spaces and Trails

           – Airport Corridor Improvements

If you would like to add anything to the agenda please email us. Attached HERE is also our flyer should you want to print a few and distribute to your neighbors. Hope to see you all soon!



District 3 Newsletter Sign Up

I wanted to share that you can now sign up for newsletter updates from our City Council – District 3. Pio’s team will has created a sign up sheet that you can find HERE. I’ve verified with his staff and they don’t expect them to send out too many  emails.

I know that there are a few of you that are in District 1. I put an ask out to Ora’s team to see if they would be creating a similar sign up. They are not planning it at the moment. We have been added to their newsletter and  we will be posting on this site.

Have a delightful Thanksgiving and see you in December.


Photo: Dave Wilson

SANA Holiday Schedule


Since we are hitting the holiday season and since our meeting schedule is set for the last Tuesday of the month. We felt it would be best to consolidate the last two months meetings into one. We will cancel our November meeting and reschedule for December to Tuesday the 15th, 6:30pm at the Zaragoza Rec Center. Agenda for that meeting to be sent closer to the date.

Want to participate via a committee? Below you will find list of them, please let us know and we will be sure to add you to the email list.

– Affordable Housing
– Neighborhood Litter Watch – AKA Trash Talk
– Speeding and Traffic Issues
– Green Spaces and Trails
– Airport Corridor Improvements

We are thankful for you!


Message from AISD District 2 Trustee, Dr. Jayme Mathias

I wanted to relay a message from Dr. Jayme Mathias our Austin ISD District 2 Trustee. It details the importance of making sure that our city remains affordable for everyone including families. He focuses on East Austin as that is his district. You can read the entire message HERE.

There is a video from our City Demographer, Ryan Robinson, where he goes into depth about that lack of affordable housing for families in Austin. You can watch it here, skip to Item C28. Its’s a very interesting 30 minute presentation including lots of data. Its AMAZING, check it out!