SANA Meeting: November/December Agenda

We are combining our November and December Community meeting due to the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. We hope you can join us at the Zaragoza Recreation Center at 6:30pm on Tuesday, December 11th.

Our friends from Frost Bank will be treating us to some seasonal Hot Tamales, if you wish you can bring a potluck dish.

Current Agenda

1. Melissa Lopez-Guerra and Angelo Foadey
Consumer Residential Lending Representative’s of Frost Bank

2.) Folks from the City of Austin Neighborhood Housing. Will talk to us about their programs.

3. Alberto Mejia from Creative Action
Has relocate to Springdale General in our SANA Neighborhood

4.) Tony Lynch and Yannis Bank of Cap-Metro
Will talk to us about the new innovation district in our SANA Neighborhood

5.) Rey Hernandez of Parks & Recreation
Will give us an update on the new Govalle Park Pool.

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