SANA and Hog Pen NAs: June Combined Meeting


1. Treasurer report for SANA and Govalle Park clean-up update by Micheal Floyd

2. Randy Scott of PARD planning Dept – Red Bluff Nature Preserve
– report back from PARD regarding what they are doing (environmental survey?) and current status of land transfer

3. Hog Pen NA requests for:
– report back from City Manager on the resolution
– report back from Dist 1 and Dist 3 offices regarding what they are doing to move this forward
– Hudson Ct. completed
– sign the letter (Susan)
– sign up for next Red Bluff Tour/Clean Up

4. Hog Pen NA – sidewalks
– Susan to describe process used by HPNA for SANA to utilize for their sidewalk improvements

5. Cap Metro – bus route changes
– impact report

6. The Springdale Park access – TABLED for next joint meeting

7. 183 construction – Tracy Schell – to provide food and information regarding the 183 improvement


Tuesday, June 26, 2018 – 6:00pm to 7:00pm

Join the ARR Outreach Team at the joint meeting of the Hog Pen & Springdale Neighborhood Associations at their upcoming meeting, Tuesday June 26. The team will provide composting information, educational materials, answer all your composting questions, and provide free kitchen collectors and compostable bags, while supplies last.

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